another blustery day


It was a cold, wet, windy, miserable day in Brisbane today.  But don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  As my husband would say, it’s one of those few days that I can almost get away with going outdoors all decked out in my winter wardrobe – scarves, gloves, beanie and boots.  Today I could actually wear my wellies with pride!  He says that as he walks around the house in his short-sleeved t-shirt and shorts.  More than a decade living in Australia and it would seem he is still acclimatised to the Italian seasons!



That is only one of the many differences between us.  Apart from the obvious difference in accents – his Italian, mine aussie – our differences often generate some of the funniest debates in our household.  He likes to sleep with all windows and doors closed.  I like them open to feel and smell fresh air.  He likes his coffee short and black.  I like mine long, with milk.  He prefers white wine, I drink red.  His showers last about as long as those little 1 minute sand timers.  I would need to turn that little sucker over at least 10 times before I even start to lather up.


And when it comes to food, he can’t live without his carbs and if I don’t have my 3 veg or a salad on my plate then I don ‘t feel like I’ve eaten.  Like I said before, despite living in Australia for so many years, he hasn’t lost his Italian connection.  Pasta, bread, pizza or rice is a staple.  Not a daily staple, a 3 times a day staple.  Meals at home are always an interesting conversation.  They normally go like this:


Me:  What do you feel like for lunch?

Him:  Anything.  You choose.

Me:  No, you choose.  I’m happy with anything so whatever you feel like is fine.

Him:  Ok, well how about a plate of pasta?

Me:  Ummm, maybe not pasta.  What else?

Him:  You choose, really.

Me:  What about a salad?

Him:  Salad.  You call that a meal?  Just make your own salad and I’ll find something else to eat.


Starting to get the picture now??


So as I finish up this post, I’m off to make my dinner.  Spinach, pomegranate, persimmon and roast hazelnut salad.  It might be a blustery night outside, but I’ll just eat it with my beanie, scarf and wellies on.



Love, your Angel,






What differences you and your partner have?   Surely it’s not just us!

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