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vegan anzac biscuits

~ a recipe by The Health Chef – Teresa Cutter. This vegan Anzac biscuit recipe will give you a healthy option when you are looking for an afternoon sweet snack.   Ingredients   1 and 1/4 cup blanched almonds, skin off  (see notes) 1 cup flaked almonds 1 cup coconut flakes 1/4 cup honey 1/4 cup macadamia nut oil 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate soda 1 tablespoon water   Method   1.  Preheat oven to 120C.   2.  Place blanched almonds into a food processor or blender and pulse several times until a medium to fine textured meal forms.  Sieve meal into mixing bowl and place larger bits back into food processor to pulse and then sieve again.  Don’t overgrind as the meal will turn into almond butter! 3.  Add the flaked almonds and coconut to the almond meal.   4.  Combine honey and oil in a small saucepan and heat gently.   5.  Mix the bicarbonate soda

ciocodamia – the new all-rounder in breakfast spreads

We would like to introduce you to a new friend of ours, Ciocodamia. This delicious white chocolate and macadamia spread is made locally using only the finest of Australian and imported ingredients. Like nothing else on the market, this spread is not only perfect on crunchy toast or crumpets in the morning but it can be used in so many more ways. We are thinking; Ciocodamia croissants, Ciocodamia melting moments, vanilla cupcakes with Ciocodamia icing… The list is endless. Pronounced ‘choco-damia,’ you can pick this delightful treat up in store at Locale or order online in our store. Right, I’m off for some more product testing. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it. Love, your angel,

zeppole di san giuseppe (st joseph’s doughnuts) italian recipe

St Joseph, the patron saint of Sicily is celebrated on the 19th March every year all over Italy. Palermo, a town in Sicily, puts together a feast referred to as tavolata di San Giuseppe, or St. Joseph’s table which consists of tutto quello che esiste (everything that exists), including every type of fruit and vegetable and fish. The reason St Joseph is loved is  because during the Middle Ages a severe drought struck Sicily. The locals prayed to St Joseph for rain to grow their crops. Their prayers were of course answered and so each year the saint is honoured with this feast. It is not uncommon to this day for Italians to pray to St. Joseph for divine intervention for ill loved ones and there is always a promise to prepare La Tavolata as thanks. St Joseph’s donuts are always included in this feast  which will be blessed by a priest and shared communally

Last minute chocolate spiders

Picture this. It’s 4pm on a Saturday afternoon and you’ve just got a phone call. Your friends are having an impromptu BBQ at 6pm and because you always bring the sweets they’ve asked you to bring something for dessert. The problem is you are currently watching Real Housewives of Beverley Hills and really don’t want to hang out in the kitchen for the next two hours. Solution? Super simple chocolate spiders! Ingredients 1 packet of original fried noodles (from the Asian aisle in your supermarket) 2 tablespoons of crunchy peanut butter or Gianduja 200grams Belgian dark chocolate 1. Microwave dark chocolate and peanut butter or Gianduja in a microwave safe bowl for about 60 seconds on high. If not melted, then microwave again in 5 second intervals. 2. Mix well until it is a smooth paste. 3. Add noodles and coat them well. 4. Spoon the mixture onto a grease-proof paper, or into individual paper

Gelato al Torrone ~ Nougat Gelato

  ~ a recipe by the Cali family as featured in The Gourmet Traveller.   “…[this recipe is] from the Piedimonte Etneo pasticceria Caffe Cali.  The gelato features characteristically Sicilian ingredients:  almonds from the town of Avola, pistachios from the town of Bronte and hazelnut and citrus from Etna.”   Ingredients   60g almonds, coarsely chopped 60g hazelnuts, coarsely chopped 50g pistachios, coarsely chopped 80g mixed glace fruit finely diced 50g dark chocolate, coarsely chopped 1 litre (4 cups) milk 250g caster sugar 200ml pouring cream 150g dextrose 1 vanilla bean, seeds scraped       Method   1.  Preheat oven to 180C. Roast nuts separately on oven trays until golden (5-10 minutes), rub skins from hazelnuts, cool, coarsely chop, combine in a bowl with glacé fruit and chocolate and set aside. 2.  Combine milk, caster sugar, cream, dextrose and vanilla seeds in a saucepan over high heat, bring to the boil, place in a