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happy birthday

  Happy birthday mum …. here’s the recipe to your cranberry pistacchio semifreddo xo   mum wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the semifreddo       2 4 6 8 dig in, don’t

another blustery day

  It was a cold, wet, windy, miserable day in Brisbane today.  But don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  As my husband would say, it’s one of those few days that I can almost get away with going outdoors all decked out in my winter wardrobe – scarves, gloves, beanie and boots.  Today I could actually wear my wellies with pride!  He says that as he walks around the house in his short-sleeved t-shirt and shorts.  More than a decade living in Australia and it would seem he is still acclimatised to the Italian seasons!     That is only one of the many differences between us.  Apart from the obvious difference in accents – his Italian, mine aussie – our differences often generate some of the funniest debates in our household.  He likes to sleep with all windows and doors closed.  I like them open to feel and smell fresh air.  He likes

things we’re loving right now

  •  a good Mojo coffee made by the lovely Amanda at Café Portofino, New Farm … yes, I am sipping it right now as I type! •  scarves, boots and all things winter.  If only it was a little colder for a little longer in sunny old Brissie •  the fact that it’s almost the end of June and we only just finished our chocolate egg stockpile from easter.  Mmmm not so sure if that’s a good or bad thing?!  But on a positive note, it does mean we can go back to our jar of mixed nuts for a healthy snack.   • dreaming of a french holiday     • Getting our hands dirty at our new locale   What are you loving right now?  

giving a little back

  There are a few requirements that you must have to work for Kitchen Angel. These include a bottomless stomach, a penchant for good coffee, a silly sense of humour and an appreciation for the Italian culture. Most of these skills can be learnt, but one thing that seems to ring true with the entire team is a sense of community and empathy and kindness towards others.   When Mario first started this business, he was not only passionate about his products but also the need to be able to share his talents and successes with others. Some say chefs are inherently generous as they are always looking to please people with their food. Mario is definitely one of these chefs. His generosity is something that the rest of the team have embraced and is perhaps what has inspired many of us to jump on board the Kitchen Angel train. It’s not easy leaving the