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Easter Baking

  I’m in charge of dessert this year for Easter lunch and I’m excited. I’m making a blueberry and almond tart.  It’s a little bit frangipani and a little fruit flan-like. With a dollop of cream or mascarpone on the side, this tart will be delizioso!     Love, your Angel,   Cat   P.S. If you’ve got any feedback or questions, we’d love to hear from you.    

March Wrap Up

  Isn’t March just a beautiful month?  The air starts to get a crisp feel to it in the evening, a rainbow of Easter eggs line the shelves at the shops to create a feast for the eye and let’s not kid ourselves, it brings us closer to the next much anticipated long weekend.  We think that after a busy February and just as eventful March, our team deserves this long weekend!  But before we start counting down the days, we thought we’d share some of the highlights from the month:    • A successful few days at the Fine Food Queensland Show  • Collaboration with The High Tea Party at their Brisbane event   • Another photo shoot – this time with the talented Brock McFadzean     • The launch of our nuts and baking essentials product range • The arrival of our images from Lost in Wishful Thinking       • The arrival of the

Why I was so excited to get up this morning …

  I made granola yesterday and as food obsessed as I may sound, I knew it was going to be the highlight to my day.          Jam packed with lots of healthy nuts and seeds, maple syrup and coconut oil, and eaten with yoghurt, this made a delicious alternative to my toast and vegemite / avocado / honey norm.  And having been through lots of granola recipes before, I think this mishmash of all the other recipes I’ve tried is a pretty healthy alternative.  Of course, I’m no expert, but I can’t see why eating this in moderation couldn’t be good for you when it’s made from natural ingredients?   I’ll let you try my recipe for yourself and see if you are just as excited as I was this morning when you know what awaits you for breakfast.   Love, your Angel,     Cat   P.S. If you’ve got any feedback

Nuts and Baking Essentials

  Our new product range has launched – Nuts and Baking Essentials.  The items in this new range are a great addition to our baking mixes and are a great staple to the pantry.  Almonds,  hazelnuts, pine nuts, pistachios and more …. that’s breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks covered!  Think granola, salads, muesli bars, pasta, sweet and savoury crumbles and more …. these really are essential items to have on hand!  We really must be N.U.T.S around here because in celebration of the launch of this new line, we’ve decided to keep our free shipping offer open until midnight on Friday, 30th March.   

No Fuss Baking

  That’s really what I’m all about. You see, my Kitchen Aid mixer died a while back and I just haven’t had the time to get it repaired. Actually, with the Kitchen Angel baking mixes always on hand, I haven’t been inclined to get the mixer fixed because there really isn’t a need for it anymore … all I need is a bowl, a baking paper lined tray, egg whites and the best kitchen utensil you could ever have – your hands – and off I go into baking wonderland!   We’ve always been keen bakers in my family, and there were many years growing up where without doubt one of us would be in the kitchen cooking up something sweet. A pavlova here, a coffee roulade there, chocolate chip cookies for the lunch boxes and almond biscotti for our visitors. And the best bit about it all was that it meant we got to