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Sunshine, wattleseed and tea

We had an early Australia Day celebration this week.  Morning tea with family and friends, tea, anzac cookies and neenish tarts, pink proteas, fresh air and great conversation.  What a way to celebrate the national holiday!  We even got to try a new Kitchen Angel recipe, especially dedicated to Australia Day – wattleseed almond biscuits.   When I think about being Australian, I think of freedom, multiculturalism, BBQs, great beaches and a cold beer on the verandah.  With 3 generations of migrants sitting in front of me (a nonna, mamma and friend), my curiosity piqued as to what it meant to them, so I decided to ask:   Cat: How old were you when you migrated to Australia? Mamma: 9 years old, I was really young. Mario: 31 years old “A lot younger than I am now – that was 56 years ago!” – Nonna     “I like the life I can have here” –

Pop the champagne!

We’re so excited to announce the launch of our website this week!  It has definitely been a labour of hope, disappointments, frustrations, good times, kitchen flops and successes, but most of all love to get Kitchen Angel this point.  We hope that you can join us on the journey to bringing our unique products made in Australia using Italian traditions into your homes and businesses.   For now we just wanted to share the website with you so you can have a look around and get to know us.  We’re still working on getting our packaging just right (who knew it could be so hard!) and hope to release our online store in the very near future.  Keep your eyes peeled.   And as we all know, sharing is caring.  We’d love it if you could help us spread our wings by sharing the Kitchen Angel story with anyone you think would love to bake,

Lavender Biscuits

  – by Kitchen Angel   Method Mix Mandorla Delicata dough with egg whites by hand.  Add a handful of culinary lavender.  Shape as desired using a piping bag and medium sized nozzle on a baking paper lined tray.  Bake in an oven set at 190oC for approximately 10 minutes, until golden brown.   Melt white chocolate in a microwave.  Add one drop of blue and two of red food colouring and mix until the chocolate becomes lilac in colour.   When the biscuits have cooled, dip them into the white chocolate and place in a cool spot to set.  These biscuits are a real treat with an early grey or your favourite herbal tea.  

Choc Hazelnut Gnocchetti

– by Kitchen Angel   Method Mix Bacio d’Alassio dough with egg whites using a spatula or by hand.  Shape as you would when making gnocchi and place on a tray lined with baking paper.  Bake in an oven set at 190oC for approximately 10 minutes, until hard on the outside and soft in the centre.   When biscuits have cooled, dust with icing sugar.  These taste like a choc hazelnut brownie and literally take only 30 minutes to make from start to finish!!    

Chocolate Chip Balls

– by Kitchen Angel Ingredients 400 gram Kitchen Angela Pasta di Mandorla mix 2 egg whites 2 handfuls of chocolate chips Method Mix Pasta di Mandorla dough with egg whites using a spatula or by hand.  Add chocolate chips and mix well.  Shape mix into balls and place into small foiled or silicone cupcake liners in a small muffin tin.  Bake in an oven set at 190oC for approximately 15 minutes, until golden.