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ciocodamia – the new all-rounder in breakfast spreads

We would like to introduce you to a new friend of ours, Ciocodamia. This delicious white chocolate and macadamia spread is made locally using only the finest of Australian and imported ingredients. Like nothing else on the market, this spread is not only perfect on crunchy toast or crumpets in the morning but it can be used in so many more ways. We are thinking; Ciocodamia croissants, Ciocodamia melting moments, vanilla cupcakes with Ciocodamia icing… The list is endless. Pronounced ‘choco-damia,’ you can pick this delightful treat up in store at Locale or order online in our store. Right, I’m off for some more product testing. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it. Love, your angel,

zeppole di san giuseppe (st joseph’s doughnuts) italian recipe

St Joseph, the patron saint of Sicily is celebrated on the 19th March every year all over Italy. Palermo, a town in Sicily, puts together a feast referred to as tavolata di San Giuseppe, or St. Joseph’s table which consists of tutto quello che esiste (everything that exists), including every type of fruit and vegetable and fish. The reason St Joseph is loved is  because during the Middle Ages a severe drought struck Sicily. The locals prayed to St Joseph for rain to grow their crops. Their prayers were of course answered and so each year the saint is honoured with this feast. It is not uncommon to this day for Italians to pray to St. Joseph for divine intervention for ill loved ones and there is always a promise to prepare La Tavolata as thanks. St Joseph’s donuts are always included in this feast  which will be blessed by a priest and shared communally

foods of the world – united states of america

By now you should know just how much we love food. We love talking about it, looking at photos of it and of course eating it! So when friends and family go travelling the first thing we always ask is ‘How was the food?’ Recently a friend travelled along the west coast of America and from the look and sound of the food that she came across it appears that U.S.A’s reputation as being culinary challenged is quite unfounded. While the servings are large the quality of food is high if you dine at the right places.     I spent some time in New York City & the North West earlier this year and for the most part I thought the food in the States was fantastic and cheap! Have you been to the States recently? What’s your opinion on the food you came across? Love, your angel,

karma is as karma does

You know what we believe in at Kitchen Angel? Karma. We are all big believers that what you put out into the universe comes back to you. Since Locale opened in October last year we have donated our tips to charity each month. We feel that in Australia employees are well looked after (not to mention the coffee we get to drink) so we would like to give a little something back where possible. Each month we have chosen a different charity, either from suggestions from our customers or staff. It’s interesting to see that some charities appeal to people more than others and some months have seen us raise more funds than others. What is lovely to see is that no matter what the charity, our customers give generously. Here is an overview of where your tips have gone in the last financial year – lets top it next year! *click for a larger

i heart italy – the kitchen angel competition

The month of June means that it is time to celebrate la Festa della Repubblica – Italian Republic Day!   In true Italian style we are celebrating all month long.  Please join us as we appreciate all things Italian and Italian inspired!   To enter Submit on theKitchen Angel facebook page your favourite Italian inspired dessert photo. Each week the photo with the most likes will receive an Italian hot chocolate kit to make your own thick and luxurious hot chocolates at home.   At the end of the month of June the photo with the most likes in total will win a baking kit worth $35! Even if you have never been to Italy, you can still enjoy the love of Italian food, wine, romance and dolce far niente (the sweetness of doing nothing)!   All it takes is one photo, some sharing with friends and family and you can have your own Italian