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pizza pizzazz

  This is a brief post.  Not on desserts or anything sweet but on another Italian staple, pizza.  So for years I’ve been hearing about “the best pizza ever” that cost a bomb but was worth every cent.   Every time the conversation of pizza comes up, all I hear from Mario is “the best pizza I ever had was in Harrods, London.  Cost a fortuuuune.  But it was good.  And this is a compliment because when I was young I used to eat two pizzas EVERY NIGHT.  And I worked with my friend in the pizzeria, had my own pizzeria and have eaten pizza in every region in Italy“.   And as much as he stresses the two pizzas EVERY NIGHT, I need to stress I hear this same conversation EVERY TIME we talk about pizza.  Got the message Mario.  And I have to say that even though Mario makes a pretty good pizza, I still

#marchfoodphotos: March 2013 Foodie Photo-A-Day Challenge!

  As I’m sure you’ve garnered from my recent blog posts, photographing food is a secret little passion of mine, resurrecting itself from a lifetime in a ‘too busy pursuing a career’ folder filed way back in my filing cabinet.   To help keep me on my toes and practice, practice, practice I decided it was about time to join one of the #photooftheday challenges which I’ve been stalking these last few months. Yes people, if you have some random person liking your photo-of-the-day but not necessarily following other blog posts or commenting, then it’s probably me!  And it just happens as I was spending a lazy afternoon at home in torrential Brisbane recently, catching up on my favourite blogs, that I read JJ’s update that the month of March is a foodie photo-a-day challenge!   So for those wanting to check out my progress, you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter. And if you feel

la vie en lavande

  Is there anything more Provençale than a cup of tea, the aroma of lavender wafting through the kitchen and perhaps a little Edith Piaf background music?  Possibly not, but that’s about as French as I get.  Unless you count my trusty pink Le Pliage bag and an expired passport which proudly boasts a French customs stamp when I visited circa 1996.  And whilst I have been dreaming of a week or two wandering through Parisian markets, galleries and eating at a local boulangerie and sipping wine at a bistro for almost two years now, it is my freshly baked lavender and almond biscotti and earl grey tea which allows me to continue to dream la vie en rose.   Follow my recipe here.    

food styling & photography workshops in brisbane, 9-10 march 2013

  I have been waiting so long to tell you about this piece of news …   The news that we have a wonderful wordsmith/photographer/stylist hosting a food styling and photography workshop in our Locale store!   Food styling and photography has been a quiet little passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  It was something that I put aside for a long time, when I was knocked back from art college with a “we don’t have enough places this time however we think you have potential and encourage you to keep building up your portfolio and apply again next year.”  That was followed by a casual job that quickly became a 20+ year corporate career and my passion for photography fell to the wayside.  Life got busy, I never got around to buying myself a camera and I became focussed on work.  However I never stopped devouring cookbooks, foodie magazines and

it’s not easy being green

  … or maybe it is, or will be, as Pantone have announced the colour for 2013 is Pantone 17-54641 Emerald, a lively, radiant, lush green.   Now I personally have a love/hate relationship with the colour green.  It reminds me of things that give me the heebie jeebies.  Things like grasshoppers, frogs (sorry kermit) and snakes.  At the same time, it conjures up feelings of peacefulness, like a drive through an alpine forest, my mum’s christmas tree and a swim in the green / blue sea.       When it comes to food and fashion, green isn’t my colour of choice.  I tend to force myself to eat green veggies and am not one to search out green clothes, unless they are on sale, of course.  Like the green jeans I rocked in my early 20’s that cost me less than my age.   But then I look around me and ironically green