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new products instore!

  On the twelfth day of Christmas my true loved gave to me …   12 cute aprons 11 candied clementines 10 green baking mats 9 dry roasted cashews 8 deluxe baking kits 7  funky coloured spatulas 6 honey roasted macadamia nuts 5 gold rings   4 trail mix packs 3 pearl sugar bags 2  mixed nuts and a partridge in a pear tree.        

Summer in Italy

  We’re back. Actually we’ve been back for just over a month however we have been on the go ever since the plane landed. But I will save that story for another blog post, another day.   We’ve also had a few technical glitches with our website which I think have been debugged now, but if you do come across any issues, please let us know.   To recap what happened since our last blog post, Mario and I spent 5 weeks in Sicily, visiting with family, researching new products and recipes, tasting lots of good food, lazing by the beach and laughing with friends. We were inspired, relaxed, having fun and happy. It truly was a fabulous 5 weeks.   I’ll save all of our exciting news for next time, however thought I would leave you with a picture summary of our summer in Italy.       Food, coffee and wine.  These are

I love my job

  As I write this, I am in the midst of packing my bags to go on a food and wine research trip through Sicily. I hope to discover some new recipes to bring back to my businesses, be inspired by local markets and Italian innovation and will be on the lookout for new products to add to the Kitchen Angel range. Yes, it is a tough job sometimes.    Some of the things I’m looking forward to  most are:   the endless options of antipasto       swimming in the beaches of Sicily     visiting the Donnafugata winery, which I will also have the pleasure of hosting an evening for at Restaurant Marca later this year     granita and brioche for breakfast. every day.   visiting some local honey producers     wandering through the local markets     trying the local specialty in every patisserie I visit.   all in the

things we’re loving right now

    • lemons.  The colour, the smell, the taste.  They’re the sunshine in the fruit family.  We’re loving lemons so much that they’re pretty much everywhere you turn in our HQ … piled up in a fruit bowl and vase as table decorations, lemon shortbread and italian biscuits, as the colour of my gorgeous new scarf given to me by my lovely cousin upon return from her european holiday.      Lemons are also a prominent feature on the menu at Mario’s restaurant – linguini with a creamy lemon and pea sauce, farefalle pasta with crab meat, lemon and herb infusion, barramundi fillet with a herb and citrus zest crumble and also as last night’s special dessert – warm lemon custard.  Yum.       I’m even contemplating buying a pair of lemon coloured jeans … is that a little obsessive?   • my daggy old tracksuit, circa 1994.  That combined with my comfy new

what not to do when you’re sick

  I was off sick last week.  Too infectious to work yet well enough to not be lying on the couch for 4 days straight.  There’s only so many movies, reality shows and cooking programs a girl can watch in a day! So needless to say, after catching up on all of my favourite blogs, tv shows and movies, finishing off my library book and having run out of drawers to reorganise, I was bored. 50 shades of bored. Bored with a capital B. O. R. E. D.     I rang in to work and got the voice mail, only to find out later they’d been in the kitchen trying out some new recipes of Mario’s.  That would be right!  Of all the days I’m not in the office, they decide to taste test their way through the new menu at Mario’s restaurant.  Hrmph.   Seeing green with envy, frustrated by boredom and spurred