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– Delia

Last night at 8.45pm I was filling my biscuits.  I had 60 to fill with Gianduja and nuts.  I had 2 and a half bottles and only made it to 40 biscuits.  I thought to myself, if the Courier comes too late on Wedensday or even Thursday, then I’m in huge trouble.  I started to write an email to you.  I had only just got to the SUBJECT line, when the doorbell rang and it was you… Kitchen Angel.   Thank you Mario and Laura for personally delivering my goods.  At 8.47pm through some sort of Divine Intervention.  I just couldn’t believe it….  That really knocked my socks

– Narina, QLD

I am mum to 2 beautiful little boys and we are often invited to regular ‘take a plate’ events. I try to avoid processed, chemical filled foods in our household but struggle with a lack of time to bake. We recently had a family day in the park with kindy families followed by a mother’s group get together a few days later. In between cooking dinner I was able to throw some egg whites into a Kitchen Angel Pasta di Mandorla mixture and produce enough biscuits to take along to both events. All sounds very ‘Martha Stewart’ I know but trust me I have along way to go before I can place myself in that stratosphere – although KA is certainly helping me get there! I highly recommend the product, especially for busy mums who need to whip up a plate to share that looks and tastes delicious! There’s also the added bonus that the

– Frank, Stirling WA

For over 6 months I have been confronted with potentially life changing situations. Some positive and some negative. I was looking for avenues in which to revert my positive energies which would allow me to overcome my difficulties. My wife was given this fantastic Italian cookbook as a gift which I decided to read and which was followed by actual cooking attempts. The results were disastrous. Not only did I not create a good meal but I burnt my wife’s cooking utensils. She was not happy. After many kitchen catastrophes I decided that maybe it was best that I didn’t continue with my kitchen adventures until one day I was introduced to Kitchen Angel. One of my best friends gave me this fantastic baking mix which was new to the market to try at home. It was the pasta di mandorla (almond dough mix) mixture which I now know is one of the flagship mixes.

– Jules

I recently used your bacio d’alassio baking mix to bake biscuits for a couple of friends.  They were so easy to use and the flavour was yummy … kind of like when you bite into a ferrero rocher chocolate!   I followed the tips on your website and you are so right – the only washing up to do is the bowl and my hands after I got them dirty getting the baking mix to the right consistency.  This is a great product – so glad I stumbled across it.  Can’t wait to do some more baking to impress my friends.  Now I’m certainly not a professional, but here’s a pic for your website of my first attempt with kitchen angel baking mixes.