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#marchfoodphotos: March 2013 Foodie Photo-A-Day Challenge!

  As I’m sure you’ve garnered from my recent blog posts, photographing food is a secret little passion of mine, resurrecting itself from a lifetime in a ‘too busy pursuing a career’ folder filed way back in my filing cabinet.   To help keep me on my toes and practice, practice, practice I decided it was about time to join one of the #photooftheday challenges which I’ve been stalking these last few months. Yes people, if you have some random person liking your photo-of-the-day but not necessarily following other blog posts or commenting, then it’s probably me!  And it just happens as I was spending a lazy afternoon at home in torrential Brisbane recently, catching up on my favourite blogs, that I read JJ’s update that the month of March is a foodie photo-a-day challenge!   So for those wanting to check out my progress, you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter. And if you feel

another blustery day

  It was a cold, wet, windy, miserable day in Brisbane today.  But don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  As my husband would say, it’s one of those few days that I can almost get away with going outdoors all decked out in my winter wardrobe – scarves, gloves, beanie and boots.  Today I could actually wear my wellies with pride!  He says that as he walks around the house in his short-sleeved t-shirt and shorts.  More than a decade living in Australia and it would seem he is still acclimatised to the Italian seasons!     That is only one of the many differences between us.  Apart from the obvious difference in accents – his Italian, mine aussie – our differences often generate some of the funniest debates in our household.  He likes to sleep with all windows and doors closed.  I like them open to feel and smell fresh air.  He likes

fancy some morning tea?

  We’re pleased to announce that we have reached yet another key milestone on the Kitchen Angel journey this week.  In fact we were successful in achieving it sooner than expected!    Drum roll please ….   We’ve secured a flagship store in Brisbane where the Kitchen Angel product range will be sold direct, where we will hold baking demonstrations and of course, have the obligatory coffee bar.    We’re so excited and can’t wait to share all of the details with you.  But until then, we thought we’d throw in a little teaser.  Rather than tell you where it is, we thought we’d run a competition to see if you can guess where our store will be.  Here are your clues:   1.  It’s approximately 3 km from the Brisbane CBD 2.  We’re in a commercial precinct 3.  Steinway, Boston & Essex – we love the sound of them   The first person to

things we’re loving right now

  •  Amisfield Pinot Noir  … it goes down a real treat.  The other night I had it with stuffed quail, prosciutto and green beans.     •  Yoga.  It really does make you feel like everything will be okay. • Smash on Fox 8 … there is a reason to stay in on a Saturday night!! • Brisbane in winter.  We may not have ski slopes, but there is definitely something to be said for beautiful sunshine in the cooler months! • Chilli infused pistachio biscuits     pasta al pistacchio infused with chilli   Namaste.