cloudy dreams


On a not so cloudy day, we collaborated with the very talented Trudy Florence.  Trudy is a woman of many talents – painter, photographer and blogger to name a few, and the creative mind behind the website Cloudy Dreams where she uploads her own hand painted cards that can be downloaded for free.  She also shares her thoughts and life through one of my favourite blogs, the self-titled, and to top it off, she manages to do it all while living out her dream – travelling, working and creating art around Europe.  Ah bless, a very deserving person living out a wonderful dream!


Trudy Florence - not just a pretty face



Trudy has been generous enough to create some hand painted gift cards designed especially for Kitchen Angel.  We love these designs and think they make the perfect finish to any baking mixes, supplies, gift packs or baked creations.  So next time you bake something for that someone special, don’t forget to show them how much you care.


click here to download your free gift tags


As for me, I can’t wait to make my next batch of biscotti for my hottie!!


Love, your Angel,





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