food styling & photography workshops in brisbane, 9-10 march 2013

image by Sally May Mills


I have been waiting so long to tell you about this piece of news …


The news that we have a wonderful wordsmith/photographer/stylist hosting a food styling and photography workshop in our Locale store!


Food styling and photography has been a quiet little passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  It was something that I put aside for a long time, when I was knocked back from art college with a “we don’t have enough places this time however we think you have potential and encourage you to keep building up your portfolio and apply again next year.”  That was followed by a casual job that quickly became a 20+ year corporate career and my passion for photography fell to the wayside.  Life got busy, I never got around to buying myself a camera and I became focussed on work.  However I never stopped devouring cookbooks, foodie magazines and the likes.  Not for the recipes, not for the cooking inspiration but purely for the photographs.  So I guess it was a passion of mine that never disappeared.  Then long story short, I left my career to focus on Kitchen Angel, which then developed into a coffee-shop-come-baking-store and I started to dip my toe into the styling/photography world.  And you know what?  I’ve never had so much fun.  I’m falling in love with light, shadows, composition, colours & props.  And every photo I take gets just that little bit better. 



image by moi!



Then during our italian summer last year, I discovered a wonderful blogger, Sally May Mills, who also happened to be documenting her travels through Sicily through treacle for stickybeaks at the very same time.   I then discovered crema and crumbs and remote and raw and knew this chick was naturally talented. 



image by Sally May Mills, treacle for stickybeaks



Something about her ability to take such professional photographs yet have them look so natural, so organic and not overtly styled was a whole new inspiration for me to take hold of.  So after following her blogs for a few months and then to see one of my idols, Carla Coulson call Sally out as one of Australia’s home grown talents, I was hooked.  I just had to meet her.  So I emailed her, a simple introduction and question “I was wondering if you would be interested in hosting a food styling and photography workshop in our quaint café some time you are in Brisbane?

And to summarise a few email exchanges, she just happened to be in Brisbane in March, wished me a happy new year and again, very genuinely, spoke about life in general  and gave me the best Christmas  present I could have asked for – “I’m excited, let’s do it! 


I was in the shop the day I got the email, sipping on my coffee and I jumped up from my stool, screamed and jumped for joy.   Literally.   It was quite embarrassing in hindsight.



image by Sally May Mills



So this is a chance to learn from Sally AND get to taste some fabulous Kitchen Angel biscotti and other Italian deliciousness.  Sally is offering two different workshops – one for the foodie that likes to photograph and blog on the go, in the midst of a buzzing café or restaurant – and the other for those that want to spend a bit more time on capturing taste, texture and experiences of food in images.  Best of all, Sally will be working with natural light and real life situations and is happy to work with all skill levels and types of cameras, even your trusty smart phone.

Are you excited?  Let’s do itall you need to know is here.


Love, your Angel,





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