– Frank, Stirling WA

For over 6 months I have been confronted with potentially life changing situations. Some positive and some negative. I was looking for avenues in which to revert my positive energies which would allow me to overcome my difficulties. My wife was given this fantastic Italian cookbook as a gift which I decided to read and which was followed by actual cooking attempts. The results were disastrous. Not only did I not create a good meal but I burnt my wife’s cooking utensils. She was not happy. After many kitchen catastrophes I decided that maybe it was best that I didn’t continue with my kitchen adventures until one day I was introduced to Kitchen Angel. One of my best friends gave me this fantastic baking mix which was new to the market to try at home. It was the pasta di mandorla (almond dough mix) mixture which I now know is one of the flagship mixes. My best friend told me that it was simple to make great Italian sweets with this mixture and to give it a go. So I did. I opened the box and read the instructions. I followed each step carefully and after 15 minutes of baking I had perfect Italian biscuits “justa like a mamma useato make”. It was so simple, just four steps. I couldn’t believe what I had just created. I went on and bought more and more fantastic products from Kitchen Angel and now I have my confidence back to get into the kitchen when I feel I need to and above all I have a happy wife and a happier life. I cannot sing high enough praises for this product which is the solution to everybody’s cooking problems and honestly everybody has a cooking problem no matter how good or bad you are. By just following the steps you will have a world class baked product. Thanks Kitchen Angel thank you for giving back my confidence. Don’t ever go away.