have you tried our baking mixes?


It’s been a good few months since I launched my Kitchen Angel product range to market and thought this was the opportune time to take stock of what my team and I have achieved.  We’ve had a couple of successful stands at the Boutique Markets and Fine Food Queensland show and have also been fortunate enough to sell our products to some great cafes, restaurants and food stores.  It has been a pleasure to see how others have taken to using the baking mixes and made them their very own.  My staff have also become quite skilful in the kitchen and tried lots of different flavour combinations.  While the natural flavours of the baking mixes do really hold their own, I have also enjoyed some different combinations – pistachio and fig, chilli infused, hazelnut, cranberry and white chocolate.  My number one favourite so far though has been the almond and lemon frangipane tart (thanks to my wife for her inspiration with this one).


Have you tried our baking mixes yet?   I really want to know what our customers and followers think about our products, so I am personally inviting you to drop me a line through email or facebook to tell me what you how you have used our products  or what flavour combinations you would like to try?






PS – Cat is insisting I add some images to this blog, so here are some photos from the Boutique Markets last Sunday.


one happy team - mario, carla and frank


they came by bus, bike, train and on foot ...


congratulations to jessica hulbert, the winner of our baking kit prize


PPS – Thanks to Jules who sent us an email lately to give us feedback on the Bacio d’Alassio baking mix she used recently.  Being compared to a Ferrero Rocher chocolate is a real compliment!



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