– Heidi

Have you ever tasted “Kitchen Angel Biscuits”?  OMG!!  These biscuits are the best; I had heard so much about them I was dying to try one! I was very lucky in that they were made especially for me and came fresh out of the oven and not one did I eat but three.  They are so yummy that I couldn’t stop at the one and ate 3 in quick succession and they go just perfectly with a nice brewed coffee.   Biscuits and cakes are my weakness, but these Kitchen Angel Biscuits are my Kryptonite.  They are a crunchy biscuit on the outside (I had chocolate/coffee and almond flavoured) pillowed around a softer centre that just melted in the mouth.  How they manage to cook them like this so the centre remains soft baffles me, but apparently they are quite easy to make!  They should be called “Kitchen Devil Biscuits!!!!