#marchfoodphotos: March 2013 Foodie Photo-A-Day Challenge!


As I’m sure you’ve garnered from my recent blog posts, photographing food is a secret little passion of mine, resurrecting itself from a lifetime in a ‘too busy pursuing a career’ folder filed way back in my filing cabinet.


To help keep me on my toes and practice, practice, practice I decided it was about time to join one of the #photooftheday challenges which I’ve been stalking these last few months. Yes people, if you have some random person liking your photo-of-the-day but not necessarily following other blog posts or commenting, then it’s probably me!  And it just happens as I was spending a lazy afternoon at home in torrential Brisbane recently, catching up on my favourite blogs, that I read JJ’s update that the month of March is a foodie photo-a-day challenge!


So for those wanting to check out my progress, you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter. And if you feel like getting in the sandpit and having a play with the rest of us, here’s your link to the #marchfoodphotos: March 2013 Foodie Photo-A-Day Challenge!


For anyone who thinks they have a recipe I might enjoy testing out, or a place to go to in Brisbane that will inspire my foodie photo-a-day challenge, feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.


Ok guys, time to put the laptop away and get my camera ready.


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