me, my camera & I


Recently I did a food styling and photography workshop – run by the very talented Dario Milano at Taste Trekkers.  I was both super excited and a little nervous attending this workshop.  It was something that I had been dreaming of doing for years so was over the moon to finally get to a workshop, but at the same time I was a little anxious about being out of my depth amongst expert photographers with professional cameras, tripods and tricky little handheld flashes.  Well it turns out that while there were many talented people there it wasn’t as overwhelming as I had anticipated.  My camera and I became best buddies, I discovered the 3 basic ingredients to using a manual camera (ISO + speed shutter + aperture), I was introduced to another shade of grey (the grey card) and I had fun playing with the props and scrumptious food that were made available to us.


I realised that I also love another element of food.  I’m already in love with discovering new food, visiting markets, cooking, eating, cooking shows and flipping through a good old cook book or magazine (Women’s Weekly, Gourmet Traveller & Donna Hay are my faves).  I must also confess to having a love affair with grocery shopping (the fresh fruit & veg bit, not so much for toiletries).   And now I add a love of food styling and photography to the list.  Food obsessed much?  Perhaps I need counselling.


Well I can’t say that I walked out of my workshop a professional, but I did learn what makes for a good photo shoot work flow, how to use a manual camera, the importance of good quality light, what to look for in a composition and how to put props together in a natural way.  If you’re a food or photography enthusiast like moi, I would highly recommend getting yourself to this workshop!


Here are some of the images I took in class and since then.  What do you think?



















Mille grazie Dario,




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