Nuts about Nuts


I’m Trudy, the newest member of the Kitchen Angel team. I’ve been a long time fan of all things Italian so when
I was offered the chance to work in a fun environment where I got to sample and tout the benefits of the Kitchen
Angel products, many of which are gluten, dairy and preservative free I jumped at the chance!

What makes Kitchen Angel products so unique and delicious is that they are made from whole nuts. Using
our super duper special machine we crush the nuts whole to make the delicious baking mixes which are our
signature products.

Working with nuts to produce these products means Mario, our head chef, is particularly discerning when it comes
to sourcing his supplies. He personally heads out to test the nuts before he purchases them to ensure their
quality and freshness.

Having access to some of the best nuts around means we also are able to sell them on to our customers in
handy little packs, perfect for the office or your handbag.

Being a vegetarian, nuts are a fantastic substitute for protein for me and I always make sure I have a packet
of hazelnuts or almonds with me for when I feel the energy slump hit. Lucky for me (and you!) our different nut
packs are incredibly affordable.

Next time you are in store check out our selection of nuts or if you aren’t able to visit in person you can always
buy online.


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