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This is a brief post.  Not on desserts or anything sweet but on another Italian staple, pizza.  So for years I’ve been hearing about “the best pizza ever” that cost a bomb but was worth every cent.   Every time the conversation of pizza comes up, all I hear from Mario is “the best pizza I ever had was in Harrods, London.  Cost a fortuuuune.  But it was good.  And this is a compliment because when I was young I used to eat two pizzas EVERY NIGHT.  And I worked with my friend in the pizzeria, had my own pizzeria and have eaten pizza in every region in Italy“.


And as much as he stresses the two pizzas EVERY NIGHT, I need to stress I hear this same conversation EVERY TIME we talk about pizza.  Got the message Mario.  And I have to say that even though Mario makes a pretty good pizza, I still had my doubts.  I mean, Italians invented the pizza so surely the best pizza in the world must be in Italy, right?


But today I got this message from my boyfriend, a trained pizza chef, who’s doing some travels at the moment.  “This was goood pizza, definitely lived up to the hype.  Everything about it was perfect“.  And here’s the photo to prove. it.




So I ask – would you pay $40 for ‘the best pizza in the world‘?


After two pizza experts and a pizza aficionado professed the same message, then I guess they must be right.  And now I can’t wait to go back to London to try myself some pizza at Harrods.


Love, your Angel,





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