Summer in Italy


We’re back. Actually we’ve been back for just over a month however we have been on the go ever since the plane landed. But I will save that story for another blog post, another day.


We’ve also had a few technical glitches with our website which I think have been debugged now, but if you do come across any issues, please let us know.


To recap what happened since our last blog post, Mario and I spent 5 weeks in Sicily, visiting with family, researching new products and recipes, tasting lots of good food, lazing by the beach and laughing with friends. We were inspired, relaxed, having fun and happy. It truly was a fabulous 5 weeks.


I’ll save all of our exciting news for next time, however thought I would leave you with a picture summary of our summer in Italy.




Food, coffee and wine.  These are a few of my favourite things!  And there was lots of it being consumed in the few weeks away.  All in the name of research of course!




Just a little grappa.

Cannoli.  I miss you already.  What would my life be without ricotta cannoli?


Just a couple of interesting characters we met out and about.



















We weaved through alley ways, looked down at mosaics and up at beautiful balconies.







Markets.  What better way to immerse yourself in a local culture?













Look at who we ran into at the top of Mt Etna!  Trudy and Tom – a very cute, adventurous and creative couple indeed!



And last but not least, just a few beautiful beaches we had the pleasure of swimming in.







Love, your Angel,





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