Sunshine, wattleseed and tea

We had an early Australia Day celebration this week.  Morning tea with family and friends, tea, anzac cookies and neenish tarts, pink proteas, fresh air and great conversation.  What a way to celebrate the national holiday!  We even got to try a new Kitchen Angel recipe, especially dedicated to Australia Day – wattleseed almond biscuits.  

When I think about being Australian, I think of freedom, multiculturalism, BBQs, great beaches and a cold beer on the verandah.  With 3 generations of migrants sitting in front of me (a nonna, mamma and friend), my curiosity piqued as to what it meant to them, so I decided to ask:


Cat: How old were you when you migrated to Australia?
Mamma: 9 years old, I was really young.
Mario: 31 years old

A lot younger than I am now – that was 56 years ago!” – Nonna



I like the life I can have here” – Mario


Cat:  What do you like most about living here?
Nonna:  I just like it.  I didn’t like it when I first arrived all those years ago, but now it is my home.
Mamma:  The open space.

Cat:  Which Australian food do you like the most?
Nonna:  Australian style barbecues
Mamma:  Pavlova
Mario:  Bowen mangoes and Moreton bay bugs


Cat: And which food do you like the least here?
Nonna: Fish. But not just here, I don’t like fish at all.
Mario: Meat pies – haven’t found one I like yet.


Definitely vegemite” – Mamma


Cat:  What do you miss most about Italy?
Nonna:  Probably the small town life.
Mamma:  My relatives.
Mario:  My friends.


Cat:  Using one word only, describe Australia.
Nonna:  Home
Mamma:  Sunshine
Mario:  Freedom


Home, sunshine (most days!!), freedom, vegemite, mangoes, bugs (of the Moreton Bay kind) and pavlovas – yep, that’s this country personified for me too.

And having tasted wattleseed for the first time them the other day, I will definitely give this recipe a go soon.  I was given a few biscuits to take home and had them with my morning cappuccino the next day.  With the delicate roasted coffee and chocolate flavour to the wattleseed, these two made a great start to my day.


Happy Australia Day!


Love, your Angel,





Click here for the wattleseed almond cookie recipe …

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