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one new year’s resolution I will keep

one new year's resolution I will keep

  I’m not one to make new year’s resolutions.  Mainly because I know deep down that I won’t follow through with them.  Like for example the time that I said that I would vow to get up a half our earlier each day to either go for a walk or do yoga.  Well the next morning I slept in because the night before was a late night.  And the morning after that I put my neck out so couldn’t possibly do any yoga.  And the morning after that it rained.  So that was it, resolution over.   And then another year I vowed to go off sweets for the month of January.  Well that was kind of a dumb resolution because I have a lot of birthdays to celebrate in January, including my own!   But I don’t think I’m alone on this?   Because I also have a friend, let’s call her Nancy, who announced her resolution was to not be ‘catty’ anymore.  I think she was scared of karma at the time.  Well Nancy, who is in fact a REALLY LOVELY PERSON and who I adore, let that resolution slide within minutes of telling me what it was.  But then, the girl who pushed in front of us in the cab queue that night deserved it.   So anyway, the point of it all is that a new year is dawning upon us and I’m not making any new year’s resolutions.  I am however committing to doing one thing – something that involves some of my favourit gals (including Nancy) and that is sure to involve laughter, getting our hands dirty and yummy food. …