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things we’re loving right now

things we're loving right now

    • lemons.  The colour, the smell, the taste.  They’re the sunshine in the fruit family.  We’re loving lemons so much that they’re pretty much everywhere you turn in our HQ … piled up in a fruit bowl and vase as table decorations, lemon shortbread and italian biscuits, as the colour of my gorgeous new scarf given to me by my lovely cousin upon return from her european holiday.      Lemons are also a prominent feature on the menu at Mario’s restaurant – linguini with a creamy lemon and pea sauce, farefalle pasta with crab meat, lemon and herb infusion, barramundi fillet with a herb and citrus zest crumble and also as last night’s special dessert – warm lemon custard.  Yum.       I’m even contemplating buying a pair of lemon coloured jeans … is that a little obsessive?   • my daggy old tracksuit, circa 1994.  That combined with my comfy new wool lined boots.  No photo provided due to risk of causing blindness.   • italian honey.  It might sound snobby, luxurious and/or unpatriotic but I dare you to blind test your way through several different honeys and tell me what you think.  Unfortunately the bees here don’t seem to have discovered the same flowers that they have in liguria and sicily.       What are you loving right now?