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winter wine night

winter wine night

Cold nights and red wine go hand in hand like Italy and fashion. A couple of weekends ago we hosted a Winter Wine Night at Restaurant Marca. It was a night of buon mangiare, buon vino, & brava gente (Good food, good wine & good friends). There were many beautiful Italian wines to accompany a delicious four course meal. Starting with Mario’s sangria the customers progressed through a variety of Italian red wines including my personal favourite, 10 Frescobaldi Castiglioni Chianti DOCG, Toscana, Italy. The beauty of this night was having the wine paired for the customers by Mario and the team at Restaurant Marca. I think all who came would agree that everyone did a great job putting the night together. The Moreton Bay Bug entree was very well received! Frank – our MC and delightful entertainer for the night. The main was a delicious chicken roulade. Dessert was very reminiscent of a European winter, featuring cinnamon doughnuts and chestnuts to crack and share at the table! Have you been to an official Italian wine night before? I’m sure many of you have been to unofficial Italian wine nights!

things we’re loving right now

things we're loving right now

  •  Amisfield Pinot Noir  … it goes down a real treat.  The other night I had it with stuffed quail, prosciutto and green beans.     •  Yoga.  It really does make you feel like everything will be okay. • Smash on Fox 8 … there is a reason to stay in on a Saturday night!! • Brisbane in winter.  We may not have ski slopes, but there is definitely something to be said for beautiful sunshine in the cooler months! • Chilli infused pistachio biscuits     pasta al pistacchio infused with chilli   Namaste.