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Mario’s Italian Influenza

Mario's Italian Influenza

It was meant to be a short break to spend quality time with Mario’s parents, who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and the rest of the family.  A celebratory break of sorts, to be there for this milestone, take a few days out with the family and the chance to grab some well-deserved rest and relaxation in between the Christmas craziness, catering jobs and other events. Whilst it was definitely ‘quality’ time with the family, being that we really didn’t leave the famiglia home much, if at all, and we did get to partake in the amazing wedding vowels renewal and feast that followed for the anniversary party – it was really the one and only day that we could really call a holiday. You see, Mario was unfortunately struck down with a horrible case of influenza and associated viruses, which kept him couch ridden for much of our holiday.  While his mother loved being able to spend so much time with her boy (who, to be honest, has probably never been under that roof for so much time since he was a toddler), it was definitely not the holiday we had hoped for. It’s a tradition in Mario’s family to make stracciatella soup for sick loved ones – a light, hearty and nutrient full broth to warm the soul.  True to tradition, mamma whipped up her boy his soup and whilst we can’t say the influenza passed all that easily, there was obviously some magic being worked, as there were no complaints of being stuck at home. As we come into the dreaded flu season in Australia, I suggest you give this soup a …