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I came into work on Monday and there was some papers on my desk about Thankyou water and a post it from my boss ‘you will love this’. She was right. In Locale we have recently swapped the water brand that we stock to Thankyou water, a social enterprise founded by 3 young Aussies which sells bottle water to Australians to help fund safe water to people in developing countries. It took them a few years to get off the ground but in the last few years Thankyou water has really taken off as the concept has taken hold and larger industries have given their support by assisting with machinery and stocking. The Australian bottled water industry is worth $600 million a year however 800 million people around the world have no access to safe water. The founders really tapped into this market and are helping Autralians to help others just by grabbing a bottle of water. The reason I had a post it on my desk telling me just how much I would love this concept is because I have experienced this first hand. My boyfriend and I have just gotten back from living overseas for nearly 2 years and on our way home we spent some time in South East Asia including 3 weeks in Myanmar (Burma). Myanmar is an amazing place. Largely untouched by technology and western society it has a difficult political past that it is still trying to come out of. Resource rich, the wealth of the country is funneled into a very small percentage of the society. Some of the gorgeous kids we met in Nyaung Shwe, one of …