things we’re loving right now


• the Lindt Gold Bunny.  We may or may not have over indulged in a rabbit or two this last month.  And we may or may not still have another couple of bunnies sitting on our kitchen bench.



• my new O Bag.  Uber cool colour, texture and look, reminiscent of the mediterranean sea.  This bag takes me from carrying my laptop to doing the grocery shopping with many a look of envy as it sashays down the street.


• radishes.  a long lost root vegetable that I’ve recently rediscovered thanks to the girls at work.  This veggie is making a BIG come back in my favourite salads and cheese on crackers.




SolarePronounced /soˈlare/.  The Italian word to describe someone’s “sunny” or cheerful disposition.  We just love this word at the moment.  Just saying it puts a smile on my face!


What are you loving right now?


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