things we’re loving right now

1. Eating seasonally. We always love to talk food but when the seasons change it gives us a new topic to discuss, what is local and in season? Fennel is one vegie that’s currently got me captivated thanks to my Mum and luckily Autumn is the perfect time for it!

2. Ankle boots. They seem to be everywhere as winter approaches but I still haven’t found the perfect pair. This pair from Gorman is pretty close though!


3. Learning new Italian words such as farfallone which means a big butterfly or colloquially used to refer to someone who flirts a lot!

4. Thick, delicious Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey. My boyfriend is even getting up in time for breakfast before work when he knows he can have this slathered on rye bread with butter. Plus the tin is super cute on my kitchen bench.

What are you loving right now?

Love, your angel,


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