to market, to market to buy a fat pig


… well maybe not a fat pig, but certainly lots of other goodies.  I love a good market and Brisbane certainly doesn’t disappoint.  No matter where you live or what your shopping list contains, there’s certain to be a market somewhere, sometime, each month in Brisbane, just for you.


As for this weekend, I’ve got a couple of markets on my radar.  Firstly I’ll be heading to the Northey Street Organic market on Sunday morning to grab some autumn fresh fruit and veg for home.  Apples, grapes, melon, beets, green beans and  eggplant.  That little rainbow will take pride of place on my kitchen counter.  Hopefully my favourite coffee cart and chocolate stand will be there so I can take a few moments out for myself to sit and savour two of my favourite things while the hive of activity continues around me.  Aaahh, it really is those little moments of time that I truly love. That first sip of a morning coffee.  A bittersweet morsel of chocolate as it melts on your tongue.  And don’t get me started on lavender dark chocolate, OMG that seriously has to be the best thing since slice bread.


Sorry … did I just get sidetracked by coffee and chocolate there?   Mmmm, not surprised, it happens often.  Where was I?


Oh yeah, back to my market day.  So after I’ve unpacked my fruit and veg I’m going to pop in to see my boss and colleagues at the Boutique Markets in the city.  The Boutique Markets is a great place to get your fix of quality, local made fashion, accessories, homewares and food.  I have a few birthdays coming up and plan to do all of my gift shopping there on Sunday.  There’s nothing like planning ahead!! Check out the Boutique Markets look book to see what some of the stalls will have on offer.


checking out the goodies


one happy customer


So before I sign off, I promised the team I’d give them an extra special plug for this weekend.  Mario, Frank and Carla will be at the Kitchen Angel stand to promote our baking mixes and nuts and other essentials product range.  They will be selling the products at a special market price and will also have biscuits, baked fresh by Mario himself using the Kitchen Angel premixes, on sale for you to sample.  These discounted prices will be available to market visitors only with the option to purchase direct or if, like me, you plan to have your hands full with shopping bags, you will also be able to place an order for delivery to your door the following week.  There will also be a ‘lucky draw’ prize and best of all, the gang will be giving away smiles, conversation and memories for free!!


gluten free, dairy free goodness


Love, your Angel,






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