What my mother taught me

Here at Kitchen Angel we love our Mum’s. They are our constant guides, inspiring us every day and always offering unconditional love and support. We thought with Mother’s Day coming up we would ask some of our staff and regular visitors what their mothers taught them!

Georgina (nearly 4) – How to do nice things & cuddle.

Paolo (31) – How to be on time, be accountable & how to  iron, wash and cook!

Dina (66) – To always wash your face & comb your hair first thing in the morning.

Laura (37) – That you don’t need recipes to cook, how to make my bed & an obsession with coffee. Oh and I can’t forget that she taught me my love of fashion!

Trudy (26) – To always be considerate and kind. To be open minded, love animals and to trust my creativity!

Julian (6) – How to read and write.

Carla (18) – How to make pumpkin soup, how to clean a toilet and how to make a bed.


My mama and I.

What did your mother teach you?

Love, your angel,

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  1. I don’t know how you got your love of fashion looking at this photo of my outfit…Laura’s mum taught her, you must have just known all about it yourself…:)).

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