what not to do when you’re sick


I was off sick last week.  Too infectious to work yet well enough to not be lying on the couch for 4 days straight.  There’s only so many movies, reality shows and cooking programs a girl can watch in a day! So needless to say, after catching up on all of my favourite blogs, tv shows and movies, finishing off my library book and having run out of drawers to reorganise, I was bored.

50 shades of bored.

Bored with a capital B. O. R. E. D.



I rang in to work and got the voice mail, only to find out later they’d been in the kitchen trying out some new recipes of Mario’s.  That would be right!  Of all the days I’m not in the office, they decide to taste test their way through the new menu at Mario’s restaurant.  Hrmph.


Seeing green with envy, frustrated by boredom and spurred on by just enough energy to pull out a baking tray, wooden spoon and mixing bowl I decided that I needed to do something about it.  After all, surely I needed a little pick me up to go with my afternoon lemon and honey tea to help nurse me back to health?!


So there I was, all excited that I had the energy to do some cooking and that I had everything I needed right at home, with no need to go to the grocery store, to make a batch of … muesli bars.


muesli bars in the making?



I’d seen plenty of recipes in the past for muesli bars so I figured I’d ditch the internet search and just follow my nose on this baking escapade.   Well some might say I was a little overzealous, snubbing the measuring cups and spoons and opting for a handful of nuts here, and dried fruits there, substituting honey for maple syrup and deciding that certain ingredients or quantities were just not necessary.   Others might say that having  a stuffed up nose was a sure sign that ‘following my nose‘ was destined to be a disaster.  I think I should have just stayed on the couch.  When the doctor says that rest is the best remedy, I don’t think he means have a lie down for a day and make a double dose of muesli bars the next.


So click here for what I have now labelled my easy peasy muesli mix.  Ditch the bars, who wants to be constrained by perfect squares anyway?


one muesli bar salvaged from the muesli mix!


It’s nothing fancy and I’m sure it certainly doesn’t compare to whatever my colleagues taste tested (for trying out Mario’s new menu on a day I was off sick, they’ve been demoted from friends to colleagues :p) but it hit the spot for breakfast the next morning.


Here’s a pic of my muesli looking all pretty after I decided that muesli bars are sooo overrated.



I made so much of this mix that I needed to find a purpose for it.  And indeed I have.  Guess who received a jar of muesli as a ‘thank-you for picking up my work while I was off sick’ gift when I was back to form?


I think I’ll stick to the baking mixes though …


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Love, your Angel,





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