How do I use the product?

Our products are simple to use – all you need to do is add your wet ingredients and then finish off as desired!  Follow our step by step guides below for using the biscuit premixes and almond paste.

For the biscuit premixes

1.  Preheat the oven to 190°C.  Line a tray with baking paper.

2.  Empty contents of packet into a bowl and add 4 x jumbo (70g) egg whites for each kilo of premix.  Mix until the dough is smooth, moist and sticky.  The dough should be moist enough to pipe through a piping bag nozzle (if needed, add water).

3.  Follow our recommendation for the specific premix and use your own creativity to cut, shape, pipe or roll the dough as desired.  Bake at 190°C for approximately 10 minutes, or until golden.

4.  Finish as desired.

For the almond paste (Latte di Mandorla)

1.  Empty contents of packet into a bowl and add 3.5 litres of water.  Dissolve the product by hand.

2.  Strain liquid through a fine sieve into a jug or bowl, refrigerate until cold and drink as desired.

Have a look at our Create a Biscuit page for other recipe ideas!