yuletide bake off


Just when we thought we couldn’t possible eat any more on Christmas day, the dessert challenge was laid down  ….



T and J, face to face, ready to unveil their bake off masterpieces.





Very impressive desserts indeed!  But what they didn’t factor in was that nonna D, with decades of experience in the kitchen had made a little something of her own.  This little something has been a feature at Locale, much to the delight of our patrons, from time to time.



Whilst the French mastery of J’s vanilla and pearl sugar croquembouche and the modern take on T’s classics, aptly named the tiramitrifle (or was it trifle-mi-su?) were worthy of academy award accolades, it was the humble and unassuming strawberry pavlova roulade that stunned the crowds.  Cheers and praise were handed out to all and from the bottom of my heart, I thank all involved for those extra kgs that were gained whilst taste testing my way through the dessert buffet (someone had to be judge of course!).


So it seems my friends, that we have a couple of new Angels in the kitchen this year.  And whilst it isn’t a competition, they certainly raised the bar quite a few levels.  Not that we’re complaining, it means this little Angel & her hubby got to have a bake-free Christmas for a change.


What was the highlight of your Christmas table this year?


Love, your Angel,






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