Zabaglione al Limoncello recipe

The exact origins of zabaglione, or sabayon as it is known in France, is not clear.  It is known to have originated in Italy in the north, most likely in the Veneto region.  Traditionally zabaglione is served in winter and is made with egg yolks, sugar and fortified wine.  Our recipe provides a zesty and refreshing version for spring/summer, which can also be served as an alternate to the traditional version in winter.


6 egg yolks

3 tbsp sugar

1/3 cup limoncello

1/3 cup Prosecco

100g frozen berries

6 savoiardi biscuits

fresh mint sprigs


1. Place frozen berries in a bowl and put to the side, away from direct heat.

2. Combine egg yolks, sugar and limoncello in a stainless steel bowl or double boiler.

3. Place on top of a saucepan of gently boiling water (medium heat) and whisk the mixture continuously until it becomes foamy and begins to thicken, about 4-6 minutes.

4. Remove the bowl from the heat and quickly whisk in Prosecco.  The consistency should be thick and creamy and coat a spoon.

5. Add limoncello to the mix and whisk again.

6. To serve, pour the zabaglione into serving glasses and top with the partially defrosted berries.

7. Add a savoiardi biscuit to each serve.  Crush the remaining biscuit by hand and sprinkle over the dishes.  Garnish with mint sprigs and serve immediately.


– Zabaglione can be served warm in winter time and chilled in the summer.

– Zabaglione can be made up to ½ a day ahead of time however it must be stored, covered with cling wrap and in a refrigerator until serving time.  Give the mixture a gentle whisk before serving.

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